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NETA N01 MY2020 Electric SUV
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2014 GREAT WALL Pick-up Truck
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China considers in-car AQI regulations to protect health of drivers
*New vehicles will be required to clear an in-car environment test after their doors have been shut for hours. China is considering mandatory in-car air quality regulations to protect the health of drivers, in a move that could jack up costs for automakers importing vehicles from markets without such rules, sources with knowledge of the...
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Safe seat, safe travel
Automobile is not only a way of transportation. People are now increasingly demanding on automotive design in research & development and call for a radical change to all aspects in automotive design, comfort, safety and multi-functional configuration. And seats, the largest automotive interior parts, are of no exception. Concerned with electronics, ergonomics,engineering design fields,and etc,...
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Why China may still be an oasis for global car makers during Covid-19 drought
  Demand is steadily returning to pre-COVID-19 levels with companies like Toyota, Mazda, and Honda – among others – reporting better sales in June than in May. China is the world’s largest car market and holds vital significance to the fortunes of many international automotive companies. The world may be coming together to view China...
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Porsche reveals based-model Taycan electric car…so far only for China
In China on Monday, Porsche revealed the first details for a version of the Taycan electric car it hasn’t officially shown anywhere else in the world: a rear-wheel-drive, single-motor version. As with the Taycan4S, the base model offers a choice between a 79.2-kwh battery pack (Performance Battery) and a 93.4-kwh pack (Performance Battery Plus). A single...
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Buick introducing its first electric SUV in China this year
Buick will introduce its first electric SUV, the VELITE 7, in China this year. Developed on GM’s global electric vehicle platform, the VELITE 7 compact SUV will offer an electric range of up to 500 kilometers (311 miles) under New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) conditions on a full charge. The VELITE 7 features spaciousness, customer-focused connectivity,...
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Tesla China’s vehicle registrations see impressive 150% spike in May
Tesla’s vehicle registrations in China grew 150% to 11,565 in May from 4,633 in April. The electric automaker’s surge in sales of the Made in China Model 3 during May heavily contributed to the rise in registrations, along with imports of Tesla’s Model S and Model X. The data comes from LMC Automotive, an auto...
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School bus stop sign, Keep your life safe
In any country, children represent the future, the flowers of the motherland,school bus as a daily transport carrier to pick up and drop off children, how to ensure the safety of children on the bus, has become the primary task of the school authorities and school bus manufacturers. Since the 19th century 40s, from the...
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Modular cabin hospital
Company introduction AEROSUN was founded in 1865, a Shanghai-list manufacturer, a subsidiary of China Aerospace Sentience & Industry Corporation Limited (CASIC), which is one of two central state-owned aerospace defense system providers in China, ranking 346th in Fortune Global 500. Modular cabin hospital What is Modular cabin hospital Modular cabin hospital is an emergency rescue...
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