About Us

Company Profile


China Vehicle Export Platform is the first service platform in the field of commercial vehicle export in China. Relying on strong financial strength and resource background, we provide the most comprehensive Chinese commercial vehicle procurement and service resources to global customers.

We provide display and sales services for different types of vehicles, including commercial fuel vehicles, electric vehicles, construction machinery and other vehicles. Our products include brand-new vehicles based on orders, inventory vehicles with huge discounts on stock, used cars with high performance-to-price ratios that have been appraised and inspected. With multi-dimensional sifting and communicating based on customers expectation and our expertise knowledge, every order we provided will be your best choice – We will ensure that there’s no worry about your car selection!

We provide whole process solutions from designing to production of the key components (battery pack, motor, electric control system etc.) of commercial electric vehicles to support the rapid prototyping of customers’ own brands – to ensure that your blue print is technically ready for the market!

We provide customized refurbishment services of used vehicles, covering refurbishment design, operation, inspection and certification of vehicle hardware and software, ensure each delivery of vehicle(s) meets the requirements of the regional market and customer personalized requirements – enjoy brand new texture with the price of used vehicles!

We provide cross-border supply services for spare parts in the after-sales market – to ensure that customers have no worries about maintenance issues!

We help to arrange cross-border logistics, custom clearance, inspection and certification, international trade financial service and related financing service and other services which are required in cross-border vehicle trade, this one-stop solution would ensure that customer enjoy a worry-free transaction!


To show high-quality Chinese vehicle resources to global customers, provide the most comprehensive and meticulous consultation and purchase services, tailor-made most suitable solutions based on customers’ demand.


To provide the most cost-effective services for the multilateralization of world economy, global infrastructure construction, and the flourishing development of public transportation system and logistics industry.

Our Staff

Product Experts

Our product representatives are not only with solid market knowledge, but also equipped with professional industry skills & knowledge base. That is why we call them product expert. From them, customers could acquire most accurate product information and discuss about customized demands without endless repeating between manufacturers and agents.

Administrative Staffs

Our experienced administrative staffs take care all documentation issues from the Contract, Proforma Invoice to custom, shipping and financial documents in your purchasing process. All you need to do is concentrating on looking for desired vehicles and take care of them when you receiving from delivery.

Vehicle Inspectors

Our certified professionals will make thorough inspections when collecting vehicles to make sure they meet your requirement.

Workshop Staffs

Our workshop staffs will help making your refurbishment demands become true! With the advanced implements they equipped and their craftsmanship, your package will become an ingenuity.