CVE hopes to provide best purchasing experience, high standard vehicles and most suitable solutions to customers. So apart from vehicles themselves, our strong supporting teams would also provide a number of services to assist customers to get the satisfactory vehicle.

Custom Services

CVE experienced customs service team could provide customers with necessary export inspection, customs declaration, export licensing and other related services in customs clearance area;

CVE has a broad business network, customs clearance services could cover all major ports and border ports in China, no matter through ocean transportation or land transportation, we could provide convenient & efficient cargo outbound services; Before shipment, CVE will tailor-made professional shipment plan according to customer needs and product characteristics, to make sure it is suitable for different needs such as ro-ro, bulk carrier, container ship or highway transportation, railway transportation, etc.

Inspection Services

CVE Vehicle Inspection Team is familiar with the relevant laws and regulations of China Vehicle Inspection and Quarantine to ensure that the exported vehicles meet the national standards of China;

For used vehicles export, CVE also provide the certification service of used vehicles to ensure that customers can purchase used vehicles with no misgiving. CVE is to cooperate with SGS, BV, TÜV to offer relevant service standards, which can handle pre-shipment inspection according to customer needs, such as Intertek, ETN, etc., to solve customer concerns when clearing customs.

Currency & Payment Services

CVE is committed to providing a convenient, flexible and secure payment experience. CVE has established a unified accounting center in Hong Kong as it is a free port. It not only supports the trading of major international currencies such as the US dollar, the Euro and the RMB, but also accepts major terms of payment such as T/T and L/C.

Financial Services

Relying on strong resource background, CVE could provide customers with various financial support for the purchase of vehicles.

CVE provides professional, credible and continuous credit evaluation for customers, establishes and classifies credit files for customers according to their credit status, provides credit upgrade services for customers who have good trading history on the platform, and helps customers obtain higher financial credit.

CVE could provide financial services such as OA(Open Account Trade) within one year, medium-term and long-term credit loan service over three years, and financial leasing to help customers expand business scale.

As a Class A member of the official credit insurance institutions of the Chinese government, as well as the close partner of China Development Bank, the Import and Export Bank of China and four major state-owned banks, CVE has the ability to provide professional financing services to customers from all over the world.