Aerosun Corporation developed the multi-functional dust-controlling vehicle, it’s installed a new type of atomized spray dedust device, this equipment adopts the advanced gravity dust mist spraying technology, using the front generator as a power source to drive high pressure water pump, through the spray gun can quickly reduce dust, PM2.5 particles, aerosol formation of coagulation, sedimentation and effectively eliminate aerosols in the air.

Add the disinfectant into the water tank after dilution, and spray it through the mist device. The Vehicle can be used in public places/street or garbage landfill, to improve the environment controlling, built a strong front line for the battle against the epidemic.

The main features:

  1. A) Mist cannon can be used to select 80, 100, 120 meters and other range products as required;
  2. B) Strong capability, long range, uniform spraying and wide coverage;
  3. C) Easy operation, using remote control and manual control, can adjust the horizontal rotation spray angle randomly;
  4. D) Variable frequency technology can be used to select different adjustment according to actual range requirements;
  5. E) The water tank is equipped with a low water level alarm system, which can realize the function of automatic alarm protection and prevent the water pump from being damaged due to water shortage;