If you disassemble and analyze a person’s time in a day, you will find that most of the time is related to the seat. The seats are closely related to people’s life, such as the public seats when travelling by bus or subway, and the chairs which accompany the office workers who work for eight hours a day and the students who read and write.

As one of the important parts in the interior of an automobile, the car seat system plays an important role in people’s travel, which can support the sitting posture of passengers, locate passengers, protect passengers and provide driving comfort. Seemingly insignificant chairs actually have a vital impact on our lives. In that case, choosing a good chair can effectively protect our spine, neck and shoulders, and relieve fatigue in work and life, so that we can welcome every day’s life in a more active and healthy state.

The car sponge seat LC-CK09 series products of Leadcom Seating are equipped with contour cushion and ergonomic backrest. The bionic ridge-sticking backrest design is adopted to disperse the pressure of spine and provide closer fitting, better lumbar support and comfort. The headrest has also been specially processed and manufactured to provide the ultimate comfortable riding experience while playing a protective role.

In addition, the frame of this seat is made of aluminum alloy crossbeam, with the surface anodized, solid and wear-resistant; the angle plate part is made of high-quality carbon structural steel, and the cold-rolled plate is formed by pressing, with its surface treated by spray after rust prevention, which makes it corrosion-resistant and durable; the sponge of the seat back and cushion is made by the  technology of polyurethane high resilience and cold foaming, soft and comfortable, bringing comfort in an all-round way. Secondly, the pedal part of this seat is usually made of aluminum alloy by gravity die-casting and anodized, but it can also be equipped with carbon steel structure pedal according to the demand; the seat cover can also be chosen from the three kinds of materials, computer jacquard fabric, PVC leather and real leather, to meet the needs of customers.

GJ06, another car seat in Leadcom Seating, also performs well in comfort. Based on the ergonomic design, this product can effectively reduce the burden of spine and improve the comfort of riding by fitting the spine line of human body and supporting the back. In addition, unlike all other series of urban bus seats, GJ06 seat stands out on the pure magnesium alloy backrest and the tripod with inserted plastic shell. The aluminum cross member under seat and the magnesium seat foot further ensure the strength and durability. The weight of the two seats is only 10.5kg (23Lbs), which is very suitable for today’s urban buses, especially for those that seat weight is crucial. And the back plate of the seat uses the latest ABS engineering plastic, which is not only wear-resistant, but also beautiful and dignified. With fashion shape, smooth lines, and ergonomic considerations, passengers can enjoy a comfortable riding experience.

Adhering to the brand management concept of “Being Professional to Make You Be Satisfied with Your Seat”, the car seat series of Leadcom Seating is committed to provide the best bus seats and sponge seats for luxury buses and cars at home and abroad. Leadcom has many cooperative customers, such as Yutong, BYD and other well-known domestic and foreign bus brands. The seats are exported to many countries around the world, bringing the most comfortable trip experience for global passengers. Its products have reached the national quality standards, and passed various certifications, including the TS16949 system of automobile seat management, ISO9001: 2015 quality management system, ISO14001: 2015 environmental management system, GB / T 28001-2011 occupational health and safety management system, and CTA quality verification.

Leadcom Seating could  also provide customization services for customers to help them upgrading seats solutions.

As a well-known brand enterprise in the industry, the car seat series of Leadcom Seating also have pioneered in the field of functional technology innovation, and successively developed multimedia electronic devices that can be connected to VR and mobile phones, etc., and innovative car seat products with massage and lie down functions. the concerns are reflected in details, so as to achieve the ultimate comfortable riding experience.