Phihong Technology Co., Ltd

Guang Dong
Seller's Notes
Phihong was founded in 1972, grown to a global public company in 2011 and has been a Top 10 leading power supply companies in the world. Together with our distribution partners, we serve telecom, datacom, personal electronics and industrial markets including the top global electronics ODM. We have branches in California, New York, the Netherlands, China and Japan to serve our clients worldwide. Besides, Phihong has six facilities with more than 1.5 million square feet in China to provide world-class quality. Adapters and chargers are Phihong's core products, the product line includes power adaptors, PoE(Power over Ethernet), EV chargers, and worksite radio for various industries e.g. personal electronics, networking, POS, small home appliance, medical, industrial, construction , and electric vehicle applications. With Integrity, innovation and challenge as our core value, Phihong reacts to the changing world with excellent strategy and visions to be a leading power supply company in the world. Phihong continues its dedication to environmental topics and being a responsible corporate citizen.

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