In August 2020, the first smart mobile energy storage shelter provided by Tianjin CHTC New Energy Automobile Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CHTC Tianjin Research Institute”) for China Southern Power Grid was delivered successfully. The product replaces the traditional diesel power generation and provides services for the power system maintenance, emergency repairing, emergency power generating and other projects of China Southern Power Grid.

It takes the mobile energy storage shelter as the carrier, and has the functions of overall self-loading and unloading, grid connected expansion, off grid power supply, remote monitoring and management, etc. it stores the electric energy in the battery pack during the low power grid period, releases the electric energy in the peak power consumption period, realizes the peak shaving and valley filling, and brings economic value to customers through the peak valley price difference. It is a new energy, pollution-free, highly-integrated and intelligent mobile energy storage system.

According to customer requirements, Tianjin Research Institute integrates power battery pack, communication monitoring and other equipment into a 40 foot standard high container unit. The standard unit has its own independent power supply system, temperature control system, heat insulation system, flame retardant system, fire alarm system, electrical interlocking system, mechanical interlocking system, safety escape system, emergency system, fire alarm system Automatic control and safety guarantee system. The power supply line and environmental equipment monitoring wire in the container adopts the internal wiring mode, and there is no raceway and conduit on the surface; the power output of battery and BMS monitoring and interface line adopt the raceway wiring, which is convenient for maintenance.

Considering the common problem of compact environment and space in the use scenarios of mobile energy storage system, Tianjin Research Institute has designed the container self-loading and unloading function, which makes the energy storage system can automatically load and unload without additional crane, which saves space and is convenient to use.

The intelligent mobile energy storage shelter is like an “energy sponge”. It is charged during the low power consumption period at night and stores the surplus electric energy. During the peak period power consumption at daytime, the energy is released to effectively fill the power gap and ensure the power consumption for production and living to the maximum extent. It provides a new measure to alleviate the contradiction between power supply and demand caused by the rapid development of power consumption and the high-quality development of power grid.

In the future, Hengtian new energy will continue to focus on customer demand, continuously optimize the process flow, and promote the high-quality development of energy storage battery industry with excellent product quality.