This year, China’s auto market has been “disconnected” due to the epidemic. Although it has recovered strongly in the past two months, OEMs have still strong pressure in the face of the annual mission. The 2020 Beijing International Auto Show has also been postponed unprecedentedly for nearly half a year.

On September 26, the international auto show returned. For this, OEMs are making great efforts and intend to create a new sale record in the future. Every new car unveiled at auto show is a “important strategic ” for auto companies. These new cars show fives main points.

1/ Model design becomes more fashionable and trendy

Looking at the new car in the show, the most intuitive feeling is to look at the appearance and talk about the design. Design has always been the eternal theme of the auto show.

At the 2020 Beijing International Auto Show, Jetour X70 PLUS was officially released. The exterior design of the new car incorporates the design elements of the Jetour X concept car, which can be regarded as a mass production version of the Jetour X concept car. Compared with the current X70, the exterior and interior have been upgraded. At the same time, a 1.6T power version will be added, which will become the mid-to-high version in the car series, and the overall competitiveness will be greatly improved.

Geely has been extremely “strong” in recent years. The most attractive, it is Geely Preface. Although Geely Preface does not have the exaggerated multi-waist modern line, its balanced and enduring style highlights its design. Preface feels like a preview of the new generation of Volvo S40, and at the same time like the Geely version of Lynk & Co 03. In fact, what Preface is more embodied is still Geely’s original design elements, and this model reflects Geely’s design spirit – not exaggerated and unassuming.

Rolls-Royce’s new Ghost Extended Edition, which debuted on the stage of the International Auto Show, its color is much more younger than before. It is said that this car is only developed for the Chinese market. Both the product design and the arrangement of the world premiere are based on In-depth insights into the Chinese market and its consumers.

2/ Technology cross-border integration has become a trend

Over the years, because of the support of many technology companies, many crossovers have realized the integration of controling, comfort, passability and safety, while also constantly challenging the public’s aesthetics. This seems to have become a trend.

First, let’s take a look at the new Baojun Xiao Biu smart car released by Suning Xiao Biu in cooperation with Xin Baojun.

As the world’s first cross-border integration of new species of smart appliances, the new Baojun small BIU smart car integrates the original system of the car, the new Baojun car network, and the new Baojun APP to meet the needs of users’ life services, convenient interaction, and intelligent interconnection, and realize more abundant Smart interconnection scene application.

On the other side of the Beijing Auto Show, Huawei, a well-known brand in China and even the world, demonstrated its smart cockpit solutions, which attracted the attention of many exhibitors and visitors. The smart cockpit solution provides a series of intelligence, entertainment, and interactive functions, and is also one of the key areas of Huawei’s future layout in the automotive field.

In terms of specific applications, this smart cockpit solution integrates all-round travel scenarios such as travel and commuting, and has multiple interactive functions, such as face recognition, signal light prompts, AR head-up display, manual drag control parking, sight tracking, voice Comprehension, AI assistant, wireless charging, gesture photography, fatigue monitoring, etc., can realize seamless connection between mobile phones and cars.

It is understood that the smart cockpit solution launched by Huawei will be applied in the near future. It is currently working with many car company partners to promote their respective advantages and help partners build future-oriented smart cockpits to comply with the development of automotive technology.

3/ High-end new energy vehicles stand out

Although it seems that pure electric models have increased a lot in the past two years, if you really choose, you often feel “no choice”. Especially if you insist on mid-to-high-end products, you will feel “only Tesla.” This situation is different in this auto show is different.

With the launch of the first electric sports car, Porsche announced a new era. This Porsche can accelerate from 100 km/h to 100 km/h in only 5.4 seconds. The maximum speed can reach 230 km/h. The front and rear are equipped with four-wheel independent suspension. It only takes 30 minutes to charge from 5% to 80%.,comfortable and high charging efficiency.

In terms of configuration, the new car comes standard with cruise control system with speed limit function, parking assist system with reversing image, lane keeping assist system, and also supports optional head-up display system, night vision assist system, and adaptive cruise control system , Parking assistance system with panoramic image, active parking support, lane change assistance system.

The ice berry pink launched this time, making its appearance look more dynamic and fashionable, and more in line with the needs of the female market.

Nissan brought Ariya. Nissan paid more attention to local demand when developing pure electric models. Therefore, Ariya is mostly aimed at the Chinese market.

Cadillac LYRIQ, based on the GM BEV3 pure electric platform, is really more brainstorming than the new forces at the design level. For exemple, the light of the front and rear of the car, the 33-inch large curved screen in the interior, and the central control screen with AR display. There is also the general-purpose Super Cruise… In terms of batteries, the NCMA quaternary battery is also a new attempt.

Ford also came up with the latest products. Mustang Mach-E should be regarded as a new benchmark for Ford New Energy. This car was exhibited at the Beijing Auto Show and is considered the first domestic debut in China. Mustang Mach-E is a SUV based in the pure electric platform . The interior of the car is considered as the simple style of “Tesla large screen” and “Tesla style”.

4 / MPV pay more and more attention to comfort and personalized customization

There are not many models to choose from in the luxury car market, so private customization has become a symbol of personality and status. Can you mix drinks and have parties in the car? I want to have it too!

At the Beijing Auto Show, large-scale private customized commercial vehicles were introduced, attracting many people who have the same ideas as the editor to ask for prices.

Personal customized commercial vehicles have extremely flexible space versatility, creating a “magic” wide and suitable space to meet the needs of multiple scenarios. The upgraded seat system, whether it is touch, wrapping or softness, is in place, adjusting the angle of the seat, and the 8-way electric adjustment function can meet the different sitting posture requirements of different passengers. It also has the functions of ventilation, heating and air pressure massage, making the journey tiring and convenient. There is also a refrigerator on the seat, and a bottle of ice-cola in summer, so cool! The middle-row seats can also rotate to sit opposite, forming an opposite-seat mode with the rear seat, and instantly switch to business mode. Create a harmonious business meeting scene. The third row of seats is also very good. In addition to moving back and forth and adjusting the backrest, the control panel at the armrest can also be placed on a large bed electrically to provide passengers with the best resting space. Two hidden drawers are designed under the seat to store small items. High-definition LCD TVs, aviation desks, constant temperature cup holders, privacy curtains, etc. are all high-end business configurations, and none of them are left.

5/ Increasing attention to the female market

In the past, when you talk about cars, you usually think it belongs to men. However, with the progress of the times, car companies have paid more and more attention to the female market, and even Saudi Arabia has lifted the prohibition on women from driving.

In addition to the aforementioned Porsche, who understands women’s hearts, Ora is a brand that clearly defines women.

Let’s talk about the appearance first. With its cute and round appearance, the Ora Cat instantly attracted many female car owners. After all, it was designed by a former Porsche designer. The overall outline of the Ora Cat adopts a more rounded design style. In terms of details, the headlights of the new car adopt an oval shape. From a distance, the beetle hits the face instantly, with the raised eyebrows and the three-stage air intake below, which is really a bit of a brutal momentum. In terms of the rear, the design of the new car’s rear is relatively novel, which may not be accepted by a small number of people, because the tail of the car does not adopt the traditional rear taillight shape, but integrates the taillight under the rear window, and the presence is not very high.

The new car is positioned as a pure electric small SUV, compact in size and convenient for urban parking. In the design of the interior cabin, the Ora Cat also brought surprises. The retro style of the center console and the large one-piece screen are not inconsistent, but show a certain sense of luxury. The physical buttons have been cancelled in a large area, and the knob-type shifting mode is used, with retro contrast stitching, the overall design is simple and refreshing, the rear space is also very spacious, and the baby is proficient in shopping and shopping.

Although the Beijing International Auto Show is “late”, the significance at this time is even more profound. As the epidemic becomes gradually controllable, production and economy return to increase, vaccine research and development are advancing, and people’s confidence is gradually restored. A grand auto show will stimulate people’s enthusiasm for new cars. If combined with national and local stimulus policies, the entire automobile consumption will surely become an important part of the domestic economic contribution in the special year of 2020.