No matter it’s in small to medium-sized city with less passengers, or it’s urban to rural area with complex road conditions, or even a narrow, densely populated road with microcirculation connections, with the human-consideration and environment-applicability designing philosophy, CF Mini-Bus is a reliable escort for each passenger.

The driving area function buttons are modular layout, which is easy to deal with complicated road conditions, making travel safe and smooth.

The two-step structure is adopted to make it convenient for passengers to get on and off the bus. With less steps and other optimized design, the space is very spacious and the standing area is wider to improve capacity. 

2.2 meters width body can be handled with ease even in narrow road conditions. 15 meters turning radius make a decent record when encounters U-turns.

The body structure is optimized so that passengers could travel with more comfort and convenience.

The seats are ergonomic design which brings passenger satisfaction. The reasonable arrangement of seats achieves a higher cost-performance in terms of seating capacity per bus. The interior facilities including standing posts, handrails and ring handles provide a better safety guarantee for the passengers. It has larger inner space and passengers could have wide view when traveling in the bus.

Lightweight design and the use of second-generation full-load technology reduce the weight and save energy consumption.

Abundant power efficiency: with the latest development of drive scheme, the system integration rate is higher and the power is more adequate which achieves higher climbing capability. Equipped with world well-known brand engine, it can provide safe and reliable power. Diesel and NG engines are optional to meet customers’ requirements.

As one of the popular suburban, bus models, it is with high cost performance and low operation cost, and is innovated based on practical design philosophy of new minibus with economic configurations according to the parts universality and market demands in different regions.