For an automobile seat of good quality, the comfort of it is of great importance. Sometimes even if the interior space of the car is large enough, users would have a poor ride experience because of the hard seat cushion or the over-straight backrest. Especially in the long-distance drive, drivers may feel more tired due to the uncomfortable seat. Therefore, a qualified automobile seat should have “soft touch with strong support” to realize the most cozy experience for both drivers and passengers, which means to supply a soft and comfortable feeling for the users so as to release their fatigue in the back; at the same time, to provide a strong support for their waists and backs by reducing the car vibration to an imperceptible degree.

The automobile seat produced by Leadcom Seating can achieve the above-mentioned effect. This product line dedicates to provide high-quality bus seats and sponge seats for domestic and foreign luxurious passenger cars and automobiles so as to create high-grade ride experience. Meanwhile, customized overall solution for automobile seats can be designed according to customers’ demands.

LC-GJ08 Series of automobile seat produced by Leadcom Seating is a kind of bus seat of functionality, comfort and aesthetics which is so comfortable and convenient that it can be cleaned in the shortest time and maintained in the easiest way. High-intensity fiber reinforced nylon is applied to the elegant shaping of the main body of the seat; new-type high-intensity ABS plastics and high-quality aluminium alloy die-casting molding are used to make durable and wear-resisting armrest; carbon steel molding design on the seat feet ensures the strong supporting force. Besides, with the brand management concept of “made in profession, sit in satisfaction”, Leadcom Seating designs its seat products from the perspective of ergonomics, making the backrest fit the human back curve so as to bring a relaxed and comfortable ride experience for the drivers and passengers.

LC-CK12 Series of automobile seat has received extensive praises for its elegant design, strong framework and highly elastic cushion. This seats high frequency welded pipe forming technique is adopted for the framework in the backrest. After rust-proof treatment on the surface, the framework would be integrated with sponge foam to make a durable backrest; the good-quality sponge used in the seat cushion is formed by highly elastic freeze foaming technique on polyurethane, which is soft and comfortable enough to alleviate the travel fatigue; In addition, computer jacquard fabrics or PVC leather or leather can be used for seat cover according to the users’ demand.

  • Framework of the seat: aluminium alloy beam with anodized surface;
  • Backboard and lateral plate: backboard and lateral plate made of the latest model of ABS engineering plastics;
  • The optional children schoolbag rack: steel wire after high frequency welding with antisepsis plastic spraying on the surface.

Besides the excellent performance in the comfort and support of the seat, Leadcom Seating also actively applies new techniques and technologies in its seat design and has developed the innovative automobile seats, such as those can connect to VR, mobiles and other multimedia electronic devices, or those can supply massage and lie-down experience, expecting to provide more humanized design for the customers and bring them an extremely comfortable ride experience.

As for the product quality, all products made by Leadcom Seating have met the national quality standards and passed TS16949 Quality Management System for Automobile Seat, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System, GB/T 28001-2011 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, CTA Quality Test and other certifications. The company promises to provide a 7*24*4 VIP after-sale express service to solve product quality issues throughout the whole sales process.