In any country, children represent the future, the flowers of the motherland,school bus as a daily transport carrier to pick up and drop off children, how to ensure the safety of children on the bus, has become the primary task of the school authorities and school bus manufacturers.

Since the 19th century 40s, from the developed countries to the developing countries, they all have gradually strengthened norms, all the school bus have to install the school bus safety warning signs and safety warning rods, and the warning equipment must remain conspicuous while the vehicle is driving or parking, especially when the vehicle is parked, the parking safety sign must be turned on and flashing to remind the vehicles in two directions to stop in time, waiting for the children to get on and off the school bus, after the parking sign \ parking lever is closed, and then the vehicle will drive again.

Xiamen xinsenyue mechanical and electrical co., ltd. was established in 2007, the company followed the TS16949 standard to implement product development and production control. The company has been committed to the automotive mechanical and electrical products and automation equipment research and development, production and sales. 15 years of product design professional r & d team, a number of vehicle product patents. After many years of hard work, the company has formed the car and school bus parking signs, school bus safety lever, school bus patrol system, electric flip LCD deceleration mechanism, new energy car voice prompt, car USB charger and other products. Products for automotive safety tips, intelligent entertainment and safety control,to provide strong guarantee and support, products cover the special school bus, traditional power vehicles, new energy vehicles and other application fields.

As a school bus safety auxiliary and indicating device, our company strictly implements the TS16949 system in the design and development process. We analyze, control and prevent potential risks for the product’s customer input and output, and the core components of the product are the company’s own research and development design and mold development design, and we have to test and verify the products in accordance with various indicators of international standards (high and low temperature test verification, vibration test, salt spray test, 6 G gravity acceleration impact test, etc.) to ensure stability and reliability during product use.

The products meet the EMC, e-mark,FCC,CNAS test of international vehicle electronic products, and meet the vehicle environmental conditions in various countries.The product already has the invention patent in China (invention patent no. : ZL 2012 1 0190571.7), the standard equipment domestic mainstream school bus manufacturer (yutong bus, wuling bus, changan bus, jinlong united bus, dongfeng bus, ankai bus, zhongtong bus), but also it has also achieved 80% and 60% share respectively in the international market (Middle East, South America, etc) .

Our products not only have a number of patented technologies, but also the materials used are light and durable, which can work normally from the extreme cold area of -25 degrees to the high temperature area of 75 degrees . At the same time, for the needs of international customers, it support multiple languages, English, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, etc. , the product can be customized. It is also extremely convenient to operate.

After the school bus starts off, press the stop sign control switch to open the stop sign. After the stop sign is activated, it rotates by 90 degrees clockwise and four LED lights on the stop sign are turned on.

Press again the stop sign control switch to retract the stop sign counter clockwise. When the stop sign is retracted to zero degree (in parallel with the school bus), all 4 LED lights on the signturn off.

regardless of the state of the stop sign, the stop sign is artificially pulled or pushed, when the vehicle’s power is turnd on, , the stop sign will automatically return to the state defined by the control switch. When the stop sign is blocked by external force during rotation, the rotation will stop after 25 seconds.

When the school bus reaches 5KM/H, the stop sign, if unretracted as the school bus starts off, will be retracted automatically, in order to protect the stop sign from scratching or impacting into other objects and to reduce traffic accidents.

Over the years, our company always adhere to market-oriented, customer-centric, quality as life, after-sales, on the basis of technical innovation management policy of quality, for customers tailored products that meet the national standards in line with the industry standard.