Company introduction
AEROSUN was founded in 1865, a Shanghai-list manufacturer, a subsidiary of China Aerospace Sentience & Industry Corporation (CASIC), which is one of two central state-owned aerospace defense system providers in China, ranking 346th in Fortune Global 500.

AEROSUN established 10+ subsidiaries with 3000 staffs and 7 industrial parks with 800,000m² for 5 main business units, specializing in sanitation vehicles, special purpose vehicles, chemical machines, flexible piping elements, art engineering.


Sanitation Vehicles
AEROSUN-MORITA is a joint venture between AEROSUN and MORITA, specializing in environmental sanitation vehicles with Japanese synchronized technologies and global leading level.
Sanitation vehicles: garbage compactor, road sweeper, sewage & excrement vacuum, sprinkler, dust suppression truck, jetting, aerial working truck, etc.
In addition to traditional diesel sanitation vehicles, we are committed to creating more environmentally friendly and efficient new energy sanitation vehicles.

Loading weight: 3- 12 tons, Volume: 5-20m3

Take garbage compactor for instance. It has large compaction force and high loading efficiency. The operation system is safe and reliable, the intelligent system will guide users for maintenance. Box material adopts weathering steel with strong corrosion resistance whose service life is more than 8 years.
The vehicle is designed for the collection, removal of urban household waste and other compacting waste. It adopts microcomputer control system which drives scraper and slide plate in a regular movement by hydraulic cylinder coordinating, dumps the garbage into box and compacts the garbage. The compaction density is more than 0.8t/m³.

Case Studies
It is a very popular product with global reputation from our customers.
25 Garbage compactors to Indonesia. That was used for urban garbage collection during Asian Games in Jakarta.

More than 100 Garbage compactors to Russia for 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games. They made great contribution for the event and the committee gave applause to their performance.

12 Garbage compactors to Jordan for government environmental maintenance use, They became the local hygiene ambassadors.

In addition to traditional diesel sanitation vehicles, environmentally friendly and efficient new energy sanitation vehicles are also provided.
EV chassis partners are FOTON, DONGFENG, with the world leading charger supplier-CATL.
EREV chassis partner is GEELY, a world leading supplier.

Rotary Garbage compactor
Rotary Garbage compactor has an automatic extruder plate retract mechanism to compress loaded materials, capable of efficiently collecting corrugated boards, styrene foam, trimmed tree and other various garbage, especially for wet kitchen waste. The loading mechanism has been fully improved to achieve a higher loading capacity (than our company’s products) by 20 percent and a higher maximum payload (than our company’s products) by 150 kg through equipment weight reduction.