The pace of the times is striding forward, the pace of people’s lives is constantly accelerating, and people’s requirements for travel are constantly increasing. To provide faster, more efficient, safer and energy-saving coaches is the eternal pursuit of SINOTRUK Group Jinan Howo Bus Company.

Founded in 1956, Jinan General Auto Works Plant, the predecessor of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (SINOTRUK Group), is the cradle of China’s heavy-duty truck industry. Now, SINOTRUK Group has become a domestic and overseas famous heavy-duty truck R&D and manufacturing conglomerate, the irreplaceable domestic and the international well-known commercial vehicle enterprise groups and a globally competitive world first-class enterprise.

SINOTRUK Group Jinan Howo Bus Co., Ltd. (Howo Bus Company) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SINOTRUK (Hong Kong) Limited which is a comprehensive bus company on research, development, production and sales of the buses and bus chassis. In 2009, the successful cooperation between the SINOTRUK and the German MAN Company has injected a new vitality into the development of Howo Bus Company. Relying on the powerful technology research and development strength of SINOTRUK, the technology, the production and the quality control of HOWO Bus Company have the unique advantages.

The 9-meter, 11-meter, and 12-meter MAN technology high-end tourist buses developed by our company have the appearance design of European large and medium-sized coaches. The sharp headlights, clear waistline, and streamlined contours make the whole bus body eminent and elegant, excellent and exquisite. This model emphasizes the smoothness of the bus’s lines and the three-dimensional appearance of the shape. It pays attention to the smooth and unified connection of the front, rear, roof and side body.

SINOTRUK’s products fully consider the driving safety and intelligence, and formulate a comprehensive braking system active safety strategy. The brake system is equipped with WABCO brake valve body, dryer and condenser, and the brake pipe is made of seamless steel pipe. High-power eddy current retarder, the instrument panel is equipped with a manual 3-speed operating handle, which effectively improves the braking efficiency and reduces the wear of the brake discs and brake shoes. The German Euro Ⅵ MAN engine is 10% higher than the domestic same-powered engine, and obtains better fuel economy with the least transmission gear. The engine adopts advanced materials, processes and NVH optimization design. The engine B10 service life is up to 1.5 million kilometers, and the mileage of oil replacement is 50,000 kilometers, which greatly reduces the use cost of buses.

The instrument panel is a rigid foam high-strength ultra-light integrated instrument panel, and is equipped with European-style operation buttons with fluorescent lamps. The overall appearance is elegant and convenient, and the operation is in line with ergonomic principles. The interior of the bus is in a very fluid space, with high-quality and environmentally-friendly interior materials, using an integrated aluminum aviation luggage rack, with adjustable air outlets for passengers and reading lights. The top parts use lightweight hard foam material which makes the overall effect elegant and makes the interior space bright and spacious. An independent heating system and a high-power single-cooled non-independent air conditioner are installed in the bus to ensure that the interior environment of the bus is always comfortable.

SINOTRUK always adheres to “Aiming at the satisfaction of our customers”, constantly innovates, improves, optimizes and upgrades our products, and develops models that meet individual needs. At present, 9m MAN technology coach has been successfully sold in Xiamen, Guizhou, Anshan, Yunnan, Panzhihua, Yulin, Luoyang and other regions, and has been fully recognized by customers. Guizhou users said “The HOWO bus has a European style and handsome appearance. The MAN engine is energy-efficient and uses mute technology, which saves USD$0.03 per kilometer of fuel compared to competing products. Its important components are basically imported and have good stability. The large turning angle is particularly suitable for mountainous areas and is conducive to safe driving. “