Since the outbreak of Covid-19, more and more refrigerated transporters are needed to support vaccine deliveries and strengthen the immunization cold chain system, while ensuring timely delivery of life-saving vaccines across the world. Without the guarantee of temperature, the vaccine will fail. In the same way, in our daily life, the food or fresh things need low-temperature storage and transportation to ensure that they will not go deteriorate. It can be said that refrigerated trucks are essential in our lives.

What factors should we pay attention to when we consider buying a refrigerated truck?

The first thing is the strength of the frame structure. “Birdcage” frame structure refers to passenger cars’ “full load-bearing” design concept. There are 8 stiffeners on the front, left, and top plates around the side, forming a “steel ring”, making the car body form a whole and greatly improving the bearing capacity.

refrigerated truck frame

CHTC MOTOR refrigerated trucks adopt the birdcage framework and apply q700l high-strength steel for the bottom, cross, longitudinal, side, and corrugated board, accounting for more than 90% of the material consumption of the whole vehicle. The door panel is a stamping part with a depth of 27mm, and the whole C-type reinforcement is used at the door hinge and lock rod.

Combined with many years of passenger car production experience, CHTC MOTOR pioneered the double diagonal bracing structure in the front, rear, and middle of the car body, which improved the overall strength of the truck body and was well verified in the 30000km road test.

High strength does not go with a heavyweight. CHTC MOTOR refrigerated trucks are 30-40kg lighter than the competitive products, but the bearing capacity is stronger.

refrigerated truck light weight

The paint of the truck body adopts the process of electrophoresis + baking paint. Compared with the “powder spraying”, the topcoat is made to protect frame structure and box function. Also, it is easy to repair and maintenance.

refrigerated truck paint

CHTC MOTOR has 2 punching and welding production lines, 1 coating production line, and 2,230-meter assembly production lines, with an annual output of 20000 freight cars and 50000 breast boards. Full mold production is adopted to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the vehicle body.

refrigerated truck processFor quality control and safety guarantee, before leaving the factory, the whole vehicle (including the body) would be sent to light door inspection, road test, and rain to ensure perfect delivery.

refrigerated truck inspection

We can customize the production of models according to customers’ specific needs. We can lengths, payloads, and volumes for transportation needs in different scenarios. Click the following links for different models:

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Are the above advantages enough?

No, cost-saving is also the most important part. By the new method of the package, we can largely reduce your purchasing cost. How is this achieved? Click the following link and contact us.