How To Buy

How To Buy

Unlike standardized passenger cars, Commercial vehicles are special, they have more options on specification, and customers would normally ask for customization based on their business demand. Even for used commercial vehicles, re-paint and repair might be needed to make the vehicle ready for business use.

So at CVE we don’t provide “Order N Go” service on our platform. Instead, our product experts will chat with each customer and discuss about any requirement you may have. We will confirm each specification with you and make formal contract with your confirmation.


  • For new vehicles, after receiving your down payment, we will start manufacturing the vehicle and welcome you for visiting at the factory for inspections.
  • For used vehicles, since they are unique by each item, we will require the down payment to be paid in 5 working days after the contract has been confirmed by you. We will re-list the item on the webpage for other customers if we do not receive the agreed down payment on time.


Meanwhile, we provide KD service of electric vehicle key component and refurbishment service. As you could imagine, these are also customized services so we need you to have fully discussion with our product experts before the deal is made.


TIPS: our product experts would not only provide technical & trade discussion with you, but also they could give you discount and other benefits if possible. So, keep contact with them!

Purchasing Procedures:

Step 1 - Find The vehicles You Are Interested In

Our product search engine & advanced filter could help targeting your preferences & requirements. Detail specifications & photos could be seen in detail pages. You could also add up to 3 vehicles into comparison table to compare detail specifications among them.

Step 2 - Live Chat / Inquiry

While you are browsing on our platform, you could start a live chat with our experienced product experts at any time to ask for more details & suggestions based on your demands (registration/log in is needed). You could also leave inquiries without registration.

Step 3 - Make An Order & Order Confirmation

If you are clear what to purchase, you could click “Make An Order”, our product expert will make a list of specification about detail configurations attached in the contract and send it to you in the system, you need to confirm the contract electronically by click “confirm” to make the contract has legal effect. You could download the pdf copy of the contract at any time once it is confirmed. The Proforma Invoice would be provided upon request.

Step 4 - Make Payment

1. Receive your Contract/Proforma Invoice.

Download your Contract/Proforma Invoice and print it out.


2. Payment

For new vehicles, you need to pay a down payment before starting manufacturing and the left payment would be required before shipping, For used vehicles, full payment is DUE within 5 working days after you confirm the order.

Bank wire transfer (Telegraphic Transfer)

All customers should send money only to’s beneficiary accounts in Hong Kong.

It will be shown in the contract/proforma invoice that you need to pay:


Beneficiary bank account (Our bank details):



Beneficiary Address: ROOM 2501, Kwai Hung Holdings Centre, 89 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Bank Address: 57/F International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Swift Code: DEUTHKHH

Account Number: 0026906-05-0


As soon as you complete your payment, please scan your confirmation receipt of payment and send its copy to us via live chat or by email:

We will not begin to process the manufacturing/shipping procedures until your payment is received.
For more information about other payment method & shipping, please consult with our experts on live chat.


3. Cancellation

For used vehicles, in case if the full payment is not confirmed by the due date, your order will be cancelled.

Step 5 - Track Your Shipment

You will receive the electronic information about booking details of your shipment and other shipping information such as custom documents from the system.

Please login to your account page in CVE and confirm with our expert on live chat or through “My Account” page on our website.


After we ship your car to your port, we will send All necessary original documents to you by DHL carrier.

Please be ready OR arrange to receive your car at your Port of Destination.


Important Documents – The documents you need to receive for your vehicle:

  1. Certificate of Origin:
    • The original Certificate of Origin (English).
  2. Commercial Invoice:
    • This document is for your local customs department to verify the value of your vehicle.
  3. Bill of Lading (BOL):
    • You need Bill of Lading (BL) receive your vehicle at the Port of Destination (POD).
    • Other documents may be required depending on your country’s regulations. Please contact our expert for additional documents when they are required.