Nowadays, a growing number of consumers start to prefer warm, comfortable, stylish, individualized, light-weight and eco-friendly automotive interiors. Aside from comfort and safety, the design of car seats also becomes more flexible, diverse and intelligent, and focuses more on user experience. Leadcom Seating always follows the human-centered management ideas of “satisfy customers with professional seats”. Its car seat series allow users to customize a turnkey solution for ideal seats.

Light-weight and eco-friendly materials

The most of car seats start to apply light-weight and eco-friendly materials, along with an increased emphasis on environmental protection. Moreover, new materials also improve the stereotyped appearance of seats, personalize the seat design, and meet the needs of different populations. As a pioneering advocate of environmental protection, Leadcom Seating always focuses on saving and recycling resources, and applies green manufacturing technology to reduce any possible adverse impact of production on environment. All seat components provided by Leadcom Seating can be recycled and reused.

The LC-GJ06 Ultralight Magnesium Alloy Seat only weighs half as much as a regular seat. The two seats weigh just 10.5kg (23lbs), making them a perfect fit for modern urban bus system, especially the buses where seat weight is a critical consideration. For example, if the 30 seats of a bus are replaced with LC-GJ06 seats, its weight can be reduced by 200kg. As the weight decreases, the driving mileage of the bus can be increased by 16.67 (200/12) kilometers per day. The optimization measure above not only reduces energy consumption, but also improves environmental protection.

Safety and comfort

Reasonable seat design allows passengers to sit comfortably and be isolated from the vibration during travel. Therefore, a variety of factors, such as ergonomics, shape, size and sponge foam, should be fully considered in the design of car seats.

The VIP LC-CK32 Seat adopts ergonomic design and provides maximum support for passengers to ensure a comfortable sitting experience. The backrest sponge is made of soft, comfortable and high-quality imported foam materials, so that passengers can sit for a long time without feeling tired. Adjustable foot rest also provides passengers with better support and comfort to relieve the travel fatigue.

In addition, the backrest frame of LC-CK32 Seat is formed by high frequency tube welding. The surface applies rust-proof treatment to improve its durability. The integrated armrest made by injection molding is comfortable, attractive and durable. The latest ABS backrest is sturdy and durable. The three- or two-point safety belt design also provides extra protection for the safety of passengers.

Flexible configuration

Leadcom Seating always put the people first. By improving techniques and materials, it offers users with a variety of seat configurations (e.g. fabric, color assortment and multi-functional configuration) to meet different needs.

For example, the width of single and double seats (VIP LC-CK32) is 680 mm and 1280 mm. They can be arranged in the vehicle by combining a double seat and a single seat (2+1) or two single seats (1+1). Other optional components include adjustable leg support, USB charging unit, VOD system, ventilation system and massage system.

By relying on excellent product quality and efficient services, Leadcom Seating has provided its LICHI seat series to a lot of passenger transport operators (e.g. Guangzhou Yueyun Transportation, Guangzhou Public Transport, Guangzhou Changyun Group, Shenzhen Yunfa Group, Shenzhen Baoyunfa and Shenzhen Longyunfa) and car makers (e.g. Yutong, Zhongtong Bus, King Long, Higer, Golden Dragon, Futian, Daewoo, BYD, CRRC Electric Vehicle, and Dah Chong Hong) in China. In addition to domestic customers, Leadcom Seating also has a good reputation abroad and builds a successful partnership with BCI (Australia), GML (Malaysia), Qaid Hajj Transport Co., Ltd. (Saudi Arabia) and Dallah Hajj Transport Co., Ltd. (Saudi Arabia).