Automobile is not only a way of transportation. People are now increasingly demanding on automotive design in research & development and call for a radical change to all aspects in automotive design, comfort, safety and multi-functional configuration. And seats, the largest automotive interior parts, are of no exception. Concerned with electronics, ergonomics,engineering design fields,and etc, automotive seats is directly related to riding comfort and safety of people on the vehicle and play a decisive part in passive protection.

And as far as an automotive seat is concerned, frame is a key part, which fully props up the body weight. Therefore, a solid frame manifests seat safety. Leadcom Seating Bus Seat LC-GJ01: The seat’s internal bracing structure is a 3mm thick Q235 carbon steel frame. Through phosphorization and plastic spraying, the frame is solid and durable. The plastic seat is made of LG ABS engineering plastics in injection molding. Made from high-strength PU+hardware, the seat’s armrests are also durable and wearable. Leadcom Seating Foam Seat VIP LC-CK32: The seat is also remarkably solid. The frame built in the back of the seat is made from 3mm thick high-frequency welded pipes. The seat’s underlying frame is made from 6063 high-strength industrial aluminum alloy, which is rust-proof, wearable, solid and durable upon anodic oxidation treatment on the surface.

Another crucial seat part is headrest, which is designed for protecting passenger’s head by supporting and damping the head in driving. Leadcom Seating VIP LC-CK32: The seat is specially designed for vehicles in highway transportation and travel. Made from Germany’s BASF polyurethane high-rebound foam materials, the seat’s headrest is soft ad comfortable and hence can well prop up the head. The seat’s footrest is so adjustable that it well supports and comforts the person sitting in the seat and relieves the person’s fatigue arising out of long-time travel.

In addition, safety test is an integral part in intelligent seat manufacturing. From the beginning, Leadcom Seating selects quality and environment-friendly raw materials for making automotive seats. In manufacturing, we comply with TS16949 Quality Management System, ISO14001: 2015 Environmental Management System and GB/T 28001-2011 Occupation Health Safety Management System to assure product quality.

All our products have been certified by ECE and 3C and in line with conformity of production in manufacturing.

For years, LICHI automotive seats have maintained a good reputation in national and international markets, and the proportion of market sales is among the best, with high product quality, efficient and reliable brand services. In China, our customers include Yueyun Transportation, Guangzhou Public Transport, Guangzhou Changyun Group, Shenzhen Yunfa Group, Shenzhen Baoyunfa, Shenzhen Longyunfa and other passenger transport groups, Yutong Group, Zhong Tong Bus, King Long Automotive, Higer Bus, Golden Dragon Bus, Foton Bus, Daewoo Bus, BYD Bus, Hunan CRRC Electric, Hong Kong Dah Chong Hong and other automotive companies; our seats has a good reputation of both in China and abroad, for exemple, we have established a close partnership with Australia’s BIC Bus, Malaysia’s GML Bus, Saudi Arabia’s QAID HAJJ TRANSPORTIONG CO.,LTD and DALLAH HAJJ TRANSPORTIONG CO.,LTD.

Trust us, we can bring you the safest and most comfortable ride experience.