In recent years, people pay more attention to the green property of automobile products in order to reduce the damage to the environment, protect the environment and resources, and save energy. “Energy-saving, green and safe” is an eternal theme of automobile development. As an important aspect of the green and safe properties of autos, in-car air quality is increasingly concerned by consumers.

As a professional supplier of auto seat solutions, Leadcom Seating has always been concerned about the green work of auto seats. In terms of seat materials, Leadcom Seating strictly controls the raw materials from the source of production to ensure the safe and green properties of the product materials and the recyclability of product parts. Leadcom Seating also actively applies new materials, new technology and new process. Its auto seats can meet the needs of daily cleaning and disinfection. Leadcom Seating contributes to shaping a clean and hygienic travel environment.

Leadcom Seating’s LC-GJ08 series and LC-CK23 series are introduced here as two examples. LC-GJ08 bus seats adopt highly lightweight GF nylon as the main material. The steel frame-free inner support design makes natural and smooth lines; the seat armrests are made from new highly lightweight ABS plastics and high-quality aluminum alloy, so they are wear-resistant, durable and easy to clean.Moreover, LC-GJ08 bus seats have passed QC/T 1047-2016 inspection standard for plastic seats of city buses. They meet the requirements in all aspects, such as overall seat requirements, parts requirements, safety requirements and performance requirements. Meanwhile, the thermal resistance of the seats, the safety of textile fabrics and the durability of seat backrests also meet the relevant performance requirements. Leadcom Seating creates green quality with exquisite workmanship.

Leadcom Seating LC-CK23 sponge seats adopt a contrast color design, which is beautiful and comfortable. The cases are made from high-grade compound plush jacquard fabrics + dedicated leather for auto seats. And the sponge backs are made from imported high-quality material. That is beautiful and luxurious both visually and tactually. In daily use, the seats are stain-resistant, wearproof, and easy to clean. Moreover, LC-CK23 series have obtained a CCC testing report and a 3C certificate, and reached the certification standards of ECE R80(mechanical testing) and R118 (European Standard Flame Retardant Test Report). Leadcom Seating ensures the green and safe properties of the products with strength.

Leadcom Seating has an independent R&D and production base, with a full-automation production system integrating independent development of product mold, hardware processing, metal spraying, injection molding, PU sponge foaming, aluminum alloy die-casting, and wood processing. The company is operated and managed strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certification and GB/T 28001-2011 occupational health and safety management system regulations.

As a socially responsible enterprise, Leadcom Seating is committed to pursuing healthier, safer and cleaner social environment. It has passed many industry certifications such as China Environmental Labelling, Green Supply Chain, CQC, ISO14025III Environmental Labelling, FSC and CCC.

As a benchmark brand of the industry, Leadcom Seating is committed to providing customers with high-quality green products. We will continue to pursue development by higher standards, earnestly practice the green concept, and firmly take a path of sustainable development!