Modification Service

Modification Service

At CVE, our professional design team provides systematic, individualized modification service to meet market needs of differentiation, specialization, functionalization.

Case 1

According to customer’s demand for lightweight RV, we first made layout design according to original MPV structure, and then made detail modification for each part.

Original Vehicle

Layout Design

Interior Layout

Case 2

According to an overseas police equipment and special equipment procurement demand, we equipped additional vehicle safety protections and explosion-proof and fire-proof devices to guarantee the vehicle ability to handle emergency emergencies.

Original Vehicle

Afterwork: Military Troop Carrier

Case 3

In this case, the customer proposed low cost, high added, smart, portable &sharable concept for the modified vehicle. We made careful selection of vehicle type and upgrade. The interior design adopted environmentally friendly materials and the interior facilities were user friendly. This model could meet the special needs of city customers and become a new scenic line in public sharing concept.

Original Vehicle

Afterwork: RV

Interior Design