Parts Maintenance Service

Vehicles need to be maintained. At CVE we are not only provide vehicles, but also deliver worldwide a total program of parts for commercial vehicles. We can deliver every part like brake discs, brake pads, gearboxes, gearbox parts, engines, engine parts, headlights, starters, alternators, clutch kits, exhausts, silencers, compressors, injectors, wheel bearings, oil pumps, and even body parts as long as there is customer demand. This means, we could provide all parts on the vehicles that we listed on our website, meanwhile we could also help providing parts of other vehicle brands and models.

In CVE after-sales service system, maintenance services are also provided. We have service stations in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India etc.. There are many more under construction in different countries. In these service stations, customers could have their vehicles be well maintained, get fitted parts for specific vehicles, or could also ask the staffs to help on any kinds of vehicle problems.

CVE will provide a worry-free service for customers by strict process of spare parts quality control and maintenance service standards control.