Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Thank you for visiting the CV-EXPORT website (including its mobile device-ready version) or using the CV-EXPORT mobile application. In this Privacy and Safeguards Notice, we refer to our websites and mobile application together as our “Media.” We hope that you find our Media to be a useful part of your vehicle-purchasing experience. Please note that this General Privacy Policy describes our overall privacy practices for the Media.

If any information we have about you is incorrect, we will gladly correct it. Simply Email us noting the incorrect information and the correction. We reserve the right to verify the correctness of this information.

Please notice that our website interacts with consumers outside of China, certain international privacy laws may apply.


We may collect information associated with your IP address, such as the time and date of a visit, the originating domain name, the browser type, and the particular pages or products viewed on the Media.

We collect certain information that users voluntarily provide to us. For example, we collect the email addresses of those who contact us by email. We also collect information that you voluntarily provide to us in surveys. When you register for a CV-EXPORT account, we collect your name, email address, zip code and your chosen password etc. As described above, we use that information to serve you, to improve the content of our Media, and to contact you for marketing purposes.

When you use our mobile device-ready website or mobile application (our “Mobile Media”), we may collect additional information about you that is specific to your mobile device. With your consent, our Mobile Media collects precise information about the geographic location of your device. If your device is equipped with GPS or can connect with wireless access points or hot spots, or if your device is also a phone that communicates with cell towers or satellites, then your device is able to use these features to determine its precise geographic location. If you have consented using your device’s user interface, the geographic location of your device will be transmitted to our servers in real time any time that our mobile application is running (even if you are not actively using the application or it is minimized on your device). Once you set your device to transmit its location information to us, your device will continue to transmit its location information to us (when it is open) until you set your device to no longer do so. You may at any time opt-out from further allowing us to have access to your device’s location information by accessing the application’s location settings on your device and setting your device not to share its location with us.

We may assign a unique identifier to your mobile device which will enable us to send you push notifications. If you wish to turn off push notifications, go to your device’s settings and turn off push notifications from the CV-EXPORT mobile application or turn off push notifications directly through the CV-EXPORT mobile application.

We use the information we collect to operate our Media, respond to your requests and manage your CV-EXPORT account. For example, we use the information to provide you with the results of your searches; to provide you with important information and required notices; and to improve our Media. If you have provided your email address as part of your CV-EXPORT account, we use your email address to distinguish you from others and to reset your password if you report that it has been lost or stolen. We also use your email address and password to enable you to migrate your account to another device.

We also collect information from you passively. CV-EXPORT may use a variety of technologies such as cookies. Learn more about cookies in Cookies Policy.


CV-EXPORT takes the security of your personal information very seriously. We take many precautions to ensure that the information we collect is secure and inaccessible by anyone outside of our organization. These precautions include advanced access controls to limit access to that information to only internal personnel who require access to that information. We also use numerous security technologies to protect all data stored on our servers and related systems. Our security measures are regularly upgraded and tested to ensure they are effective. We take the following specific steps to protect your information:

(1) Use internal access controls so only limited personnel have access to your information.

(2) Anyone with access to user information is trained on all relevant security and compliance policies.

(3) Servers that store visitor information are regularly backed up to protect against loss.

(4) All information is secured through modern security technologies like secure socket layer (SSL), encryption, firewalls, and secure passwords.


All access safeguards described above are in place to prevent unauthorized access by outsiders to information stored on or transmitted by our systems.

You can stop all collection of information by our mobile application by uninstalling it. You may use the standard uninstall process on your mobile device or the mobile application marketplace or network.

We use information for marketing purposes. For example, we might send you information about newly available vehicles and special offers. We might tell you about new features or updates. These might be third party offers or products we think you might find interesting. We may also use push notifications on our mobile apps.

We maintain presence on several social networking and blogging platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, and we also incorporate some third party social networking features onto our Media. Through these platforms and features, we receive information about you, and this Privacy and Safeguards Notice applies to that information as well. In addition, third party social networking platforms and blogging platforms have their own privacy policies which explain how the third parties that provide them will use and protect your information.

CV-EXPORT does not use those third-party websites or services to collect personal information from individuals. Any personal information collected by the third-party website will not be stored or transmitted by CHTC-EXPORT. CHTC-EXPORT has no control over or access to specific login information or any other sensitive personal information provide to third-party websites.”


We take commercially reasonable steps to protect the information we collect online. However, as effective as these measures are, no security system is impenetrable. We cannot provide an absolute guarantee of the security of our information databases or that information that you choose to supply will not be intercepted while you transmit it from your computer, over the internet, or along other third party networks, and to our systems.


We will share information within the CV-EXPORT family of companies.

We will share information with third parties who perform services on our behalf. For example, we share information with vendors who send emails for us. We may also share information with companies that operate our websites or run a promotion. The information we share may include location information.

We will share information if you are a winner of a sweepstakes, contest, or promotion. For example, we may share your information if you win a sweepstakes or contest as part of a winner’s list. We may also publish this winner’s list publicly.

We will share information with our business partners. For example, we will share information with third parties who co-sponsor a promotion. These partners may send you information about events and products by mail or email.

We will share information if we think we are required to do so or believe that we have to do so in order to protect ourselves. For example, we will share information to respond to a court order or subpoena. We may share it if a government agency or investigatory body requests. We might share information when we are investigating potential fraud.


CV-EXPORT uses cookies provide better services on its websites. Please see our Cookie Policy.


CV-EXPORT will appropriately and immediately respond to any complaint or consultation regarding the handling of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information, etc. If you have any inquiry or matter for consultation regarding the handling of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information, etc. by us, please contact the office indicated below.

Contact Office

Room 202, Building 2, No.8 Yongchang Middle Road, Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, Beijing, China 100176



CV-EXPORT practices the handling of Personal Information according to laws and other standard practices, and constantly strives to make improvements to the above activities without any prior notice. Privacy Policy may be revised according to the change of rules such as law. We will post changes to this Privacy Policy and update the effective date when this Privacy Policy is updated. Please check our website periodically for updates.


The use of the Website and the interpretation of the content of Website shall be governed by the law of the People’s Republic of China.

Should any dispute arise out of or relating to the use of the Website, it is agreed that the initial hearing should take place under the jurisdiction of the Beijing Daxing District Court.