According to the current design standards of pure electric vehicles on the market, the general requirement is a range of 200-250 kilometers per day. To meet this requirement, the battery capacity must reach an output of more than 300 degrees, and the self-weight of the battery pack is about 3 tons. Taking a pure electric 10-meter car as an example, if the maximum mileage required per day is 250 kilometers, the required power per 1.2 kilometers is 1.2 degrees, and if converted into a battery pack of 12 kilograms. Moreover, the heavier the self-weight,the greater the power consumption of the vehicle, In order to further increase cruising range, reducing self-weight is one of the best methods.

In response to this problem, Leadcom Seating has developed an ultra-lightweight magnesium alloy GJ06 seat through the application of new technologies, new materials and new processes. The weight of this seat is half that of conventional seats. Based on the calculation of 30 persons per vehicle, if all seats made in Lijiang are used, one vehicle can reduce its own weight by 200 kg, ie: 200/12 = 16.67 kilometers. Therefore, under the same conditions, using this product of Leadcom Seating (ultra-lightweight magnesium alloy GJ06 seat), compared with the conventional bus seat, the daily mileage of the vehicle can increase by 16.67 kilometers!

In addition to other ultra-lightweight features, the GJ06 seat is also excellent in comfort. Based on ergonomic design, this product supports the human spine by conforming to the spine line, which can effectively reduce the burden on the spine and increase the burden. Comfort.

The Leadcom Seating’s Epic is finely crafted to reflect modern travelers’ increasing demands of comfort and relaxation. Designed for high-class buses and coaches, CK32 comes with a deluxe backrest, refined armrests and adjustable leg-rest to help reduce tiredness and fatigue from prolonged travelling. Following the tenet of «people-oriented», Lijiang seat brings the greatest comfort to users through continuous improvement of technology and materials:
Features and benefits:
• Strong steel inner frame structure
• Oversize ergonomic backrest and high resilient seat for luxury experience of ultimate comfort.
• Adjustable leg-rest for better support and comfort
• Stationary armrest with steel frame
• 2-point seat belt
• Aluminum pedestals guarantee durability and safety

Leadcom Seating is a leading specialist seating solution provider offering turnkey seating solutions for coach, bus, ferry etc. Unlike many other seating manufacturers who simplyjust assemble seating components outsourced from other suppliers, 99% of Leadcom’s products are expertly tooled in our own fully-fitted workshops. And this is only after raw materials have arrived and been tested in our own industry-dedicated testing facility. Leadcom Seating has the largest research and production base covering a total area of 120,000 square meters and produces in excess of one million seats per year.

Everything we do is driven by our customers, whether it’s helping to meet your needs or seeing how we can best help you find a bespoke solution tailored precisely to your requirements and needs. With Leadcom Seating, we can confidently assure you that you will receive the best attention and service at all times.

We focusentirelyon quality control. At Lead com Seating, the quality control department adheres to strict quality standards on every single component during every stage of the production of each product. We have established a system of recognised quality control according to the international ISO9001 and I S014001 quality management system standards with quality control inspections during all phases of production.

Before the production process even begins, we select the finest materials for our products. Our quality control inspectors make sure that everything from raw materials to finished products meets and even exceeds the quality and safety standards specified in customers’ purchasing documentation.