Binocular passenger flow statistics host JHY-D10

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Type Spare Parts
Subtype Electronic & Electrical System
Stock id 16500
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JHY-D10Host parameters

Type Description
System Linux
Graphic operation interface Various parameters of the system can be set by display screen and remote control
Language Chinese,English,Spanish(Optional),Other (Customizable)
Alarm Alarm input 2-way switch signal alarm input
Functional alarm Video loss, video blocking alarm
System upgrade SD card or Computer
Power supply and power consumption Power management ACC on/off;

Delay shutdown

input voltage DC:+12V ~ +36V
output voltage +12V@0.5A;
Power waste Normal working state<4W
work environment temperature -20℃ ~ +70℃
humidity 10% to 90%
dimensions 133X50X59.65mm
weight 0.45KG