Leadcom Seating LC-GJ01 series and LC-CK09 series

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Coach Seats of Leadcom Brand Will Impress You with all the Details


Seats are very important for coaches, buses and ferry boats, especially when it comes to long journey. So besides nice look, they must be detail-oriented in essence, for example, the seats should be safe, comfortable, durable as well as easy to maintain and replace worn parts.


Take LC-GJ01 series of bus seats and LC-CK09 series of sponge seats for example. The main part of LC-GJ01 series adopts ABS engineering plastics, convenient for cleaning and maintenance. To be more conformable, the bus seats are equipped with backrests decorated with fabric or leather. Besides, its internal supporting structure uses steel skeleton which is painted after phosphating, thus more durable. Seat armrests also use high-tensile PU+hardware materials with great wear-resistance.


LC-CK09 series of sponge seats have cushions with contours and backrests that are in line with ergonomics. Thanks to the backrests, the seats offer better lumbar support and are more comfortable. Our headrests are also specially designed to provide passengers with pleasant experience as well as protection.


In addition, the seat frame is made of AL beam with the surface anodized, thus firm and wear-resisting; the corner plate adopts high-quality carbon structural steel suppressed by cold-rolled sheet and rust-proof back surface is painted. Sponge of backrests and cushions adopts German BASF PU foam with a high resilience and thus they are very soft. About option of product configuration. According to the needs or consumption habits of the region, this type of seats can match footrests of aluminium alloy materials or carbon steel structure. Car-dedicated computer jacquard fabric, PVC car leather and genuine leather are available for the seat cover.


Leadcom Seating are designed based on ergonomics to relieve pressure by cushioned lumbar support as well as optional arm support and deck-chair design. The coach seats are made of the most durable materials, which, together with the whole design of seats, are all in conformity with strict international standards of ECE and 3C and have gained the EU CE certification. Furthermore, we highly appreciate cleaning and maintaining when designing and manufacturing the seats, using economical and efficient replaceable components to extend their service life.


Specialty leads to outstanding achievements. Our partners are all over the world, including many well-known European and American car brands. Leadcom supplies professional products and services with superior quality all the time.