RNL CHAdeMO EV simulator

Car Details
Type Spare Parts
Brand RNL
Stock id 23895
Model: CHAdeMO EV simulator
Seller Note

RNL’s CHAdeMO EV Simulator was designed for helping our customer’s testing a CHAdeMO Charger for verifying standard compliance in lab. The EV Simulator provide test coverage from a charging communication to real energy transfer with additional DC power load.

Main functions:

  • Support test according to CHAdeMO Rev. 1.x (up to Rev. 1.2)
  • Timings of communication, signals and charging test.
  • Communication and signal order test.
  • Charger test including communication and energy transfer.
  • Detect Charge States
  • Detect Stop events
  • Check timing
  • CAN Cycle time
  • Detect causes of charging issues