Car Details
Type Spare Parts
Brand SOJO
Stock id 23804
Model: DC SCDE150
Seller Note

Product features

  1. Flexible configuration:

120KW-240KW multiple power configuration methods to meet customer customized needs

  1. Safe and reliable:

Perfect protection function to meet the latest national standards and industry standards

  1. Efficient charging:

Large charging current and wide voltage range reduce the charging queue time and improve operating efficiency

  1. Super energy and low consumption:

Low power consumption during operation and standby, effectively reducing customer operating costs

  1. Convenient payment:

Support multiple payment methods such as credit card, VIN code, APP, official account, etc.

  1. Smart Cloud:

Provide customers with fast, efficient and intelligent charging operation management solutions.

Product parameters

items                                          parameters
Product model                                  SCDE150
Product size                                      790mm*770mm*1830mm
Rated power                                      120/240kw
Input voltage                                      AC380V±15%
Input frequency                                  45-65Hz
Output voltage range                          200-750VDC
Output current range                            0-250A
Cooling method                                     Forced air cooling
Cable length                                            5M-7M
Screen size                                                15inches
Working humidity                                  ≤95%
Protection level                                      IP54
Operating temperature                         -40℃-55℃
Altitude                                                      ≤2000M