Wuling LQG5020XXYBQY3 Mini Truck

Car Details
Type Truck
Subtype Mini Truck
Condition New
Brand Wuling
Stock id 21230
Model: LQG5020XXYBQY3
Seller Note

Wuling single-layer-box truck, suitable for long and medium transportation between cities.

The single-layer box is solid with electrophoresis technology which is antirust. The one-step impacting molding technology is widely regarded as top sheet pressing technology in the industry.

Wuling double-layer cargo truck—-It has good sealing and is suitable for LCL Logistics and food transportation and so on. It’s a best choice for terminal distribution.

Double-layer container uses double-layer steel plate. The appearance is color precoated steel, the inner surface is high strength galvanized sheet, the middle is foam polyurethane and steel skeleton materials., more stable and safer.

Side-door available to demands.

Wuling  stake pick-up truck—-the stake frame is electrophoresised to make it more anticorrosive. The stake frame is removable that without stake is agile, solid and airy, be suitable for normal transportation, poultry and livestock transportation.

Intensified stake for option.


1. WULING RONGGUANG classical mini truck, famous brand, safe and reliable.

2. Unique front-spread box with larger space, avoid direct sunshine and make it comfortable cab.

3. 1.2L(60.3kw)/5300rpm and 1.5L(79kw)/5400rpm for options. Low oil consumption, powerful

4. The single-layer/double-layer cargo box are sealed, dust-proof, safe and clean.

5. The stake type truck equipped with foldaway canvas which protect goods from wind, rain, dust and sunshine.

6. Pedals for option, easy for loading and discharging.

7. Enhanced crossbeam has strong carrying capacity. Large double-layer container provides more space.