ZHONG TONG LCK6806EVGA1 8m Electric Coach

Car Details
Type Bus
Subtype Coach
Condition Electric
Vehicle Length(mm) 8045
Vehicle Width(mm) 2245
Vehicle Height(mm) 2800
Stock id 23590
Model: LCK6806EVGA1
Seller Note
Name LCK6806EVGA1
Length*Width*Height(mm) 8045*2245*2800/2920
Wheel Base(mm) 4395
Front/Rear Overhang(mm) 1890/1760
Max Speed(km/h) 69
Rated Max Total Mass(kg) 12100
Capacity 48/15-32
Engine type  

Zhongtong New energy bus is a pure electric bus built for urban and rural public transport, urban and rural integration, commuting and other markets. It has full bearing body, made of high-strength steel with light weight and strong frame.Two steps, large wheelbase, large space and large capacity (27 seats, up to 60 people)

Energy saving :

Adopt the industry-leading vehicle control strategy (to ensure the efficient operation of the vehicle under all working conditions)

High precision matching of motor and axle (more energy saving)

Standby permanent magnet synchronous motor, energy consumption is 30% lower than asynchronous motor in standby mode.

Electric air conditioning system, electric air compression system (Automatic cooling capacity regulation, more energy saving)


High voltage wiring harness is connected with advanced connector, which is safe and easy to plug in

The products are not only processed by electrophoresis, automatic spraying and other industry-leading process technologies, but also undergo strict performance tests such as waterproof, dustproof, fireproof and anti-collision to ensure the safety and reliability of the products.

Through the intelligent network connection system, vehicle fault can be early warning.


Make personalized configuration for different areas, such as alpine-cold areas, we will increase independent water heating, take a number of measures to keep the battery compartment warm, and improve the driving mileage.