From 2015, aluminum alloy fuel tank led the trend of light weight in the tanker industry, successfully overturning the traditional design concept of carbon steel oil tanker. Light weight tanker can greatly enhance economic efficiency, improve driving safety, reduce fuel consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. CHTC MOTOR has jumped on the trend as a way to the fight of environmental protection and made tremendous efforts in the R& D, testing, manufacture of the aluminum alloy fuel tanker to ensure the stability and efficiency in fuel transportation. It has been welcomed by customers all over the world and won good reputation.

The European standard tank opening integrates the oil and gas recovery, anti-overflow detector rod, self-lock and self-breathing function in one. Aluminum alloy anti-skid net on the top of tank could avoid accidentally slipping and falling, greatly improves the safety of on-roof work.Aluminum alloy lightweight wheel hub reduces dead weight. Also, it is wear-resistant and efficient in heat dissipation which can extend the service life of tires.The aluminum alloy toolbox and aluminum alloy loading and unloading box are the typical lightweight design.

Neat and uniform welding line makes the tank more reliable and guarantees the equal force of welding joint. Welding parts everywhere displays exquisite welding technology. Loose weld and leakage weld are prevented effectively. The safety and stability system realizes real-time monitoring of vehicle running condition. When the system detects that the vehicle is about to lose control, it will apply braking force to specific wheels to help move onto the correct track and prevent the vehicle from rolling over.

Front lifting and rear steering air suspension system could largely reduce tire wear and the service life of tires could reach two times of that with traditional suspension. Also, comparing to leaf spring suspension, air suspension can be automatically adjusted according to the operation need and results in better damping effect.

Operation monitoring system can monitor the whole process of loading, transporting and unloading. All the real-time status of manhole emergency cut-off valve, API loading and unloading oil connector, loading and unloading oil pipeline and bottom valve are monitored and recorded.

The body structure is optimized and performs better under pressure. Circular variable cross- section tank structure with lower center of gravity makes the vehicle not easy to dump, run more smoothly and more stable. Besides, the liquid pressure on the tank is evenly distributed to disperse pressure.


Low Self-Weight
Aluminum alloy weight is lighter than other material. By reducing self-weight, the payload is increased. The aluminum alloy weighs almost a third as much as the steel of the same size. For example, an aluminum 45m3oil tanker is 5T less than a steel tanker. The cargo transported at one time is increased by 18%- 35%.

Stable Chemical Performance
The chemical performance of aluminum alloy is stable and the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy is 70% higher than that
of ordinary carbon steel. The inner side of aluminum alloy need no protective covering to transport all kinds of liquid or liquefied gas.

According to the research report of European Aluminum Association, with 1T self-weight less, the fuel consumption of 10KM can save 0.6L gasoline. Let’s say in this way, for an aluminum alloy oil tanker which has reduced 5T self-weight (annual mileage is 12000km), 1800L gasoline can be saved in one year.

High Recovery Value
Since the aluminum alloy has high corrosion resistance, after the mandatory scrapping, aluminum alloy tank body would not be completely damaged and the recovery value of the tank is 85% higher than that of the original aluminum. If the tank body is 5T, the tank scrap recycling value is at least 80,000 yuan.

Long Service Life and Low Maintenance Cost
The life cycle of an aluminum alloy tank is generally in 15~20 years, and the life of steel tank is only 7~9 years. The aluminum alloy tank need no coating or surface treatment and the cleaning is very easy, so the maintenance cost of aluminum alloy tank is relatively low.

Environmental and Social Benefits
According to a report by the European Aluminum Association, for every 1KG of aluminum alloy used in the vehicle, 28KG of CO2 emissions can be reduced. That is to say, the 5T reduced self-weight can lead to a total reduction of 140T CO2 emissions. From this point of view, the environment will be greatly improved and the social benefits are obvious. All in all, no matter from economic benefits, or from environmental and social benefits, aluminum alloy fuel tank have unparalleled advantages.