JHY Technology company is an innovative vehicle networking intelligent hardware R & D and data service company. The core team has overseas experience and industry management experience.

JHY focus on mobile Internet and smart vehicle operation solutions, including the development of urban bus monitoring and intelligent dispatching solutions, urban rental operation monitoring and telecall solutions, rail transit, school buses, long-distance passenger transport, and dangerous goods transportation vehicle safety supervision solutions.

Through technology core research and development, They have deep dived into the fields of video intelligent analysis, vehicle electronics, cloud computing and big data, leading and witnessing the development of industrialization, intelligence, and high-definition of vehicle systems, JHY’s Internet + industry data applications enhance service experience and management value for industry customers.

The most popular technology is vehicle passenger flow statistics system, which utilizes the world’s leading visual recognition technology, combines deep learning algorithms and data depth mining, and uses binocular passenger flow statistics algorithms to calculate the number of people passing through the video range in real time. The accuracy of analysis on population statistics in complex environments such as vehicle operation reaches 95%. This system provides scientific data support for the line planning management and operation dispatch of the bus operation industry, and provides management with real-time, intuitive and accurate passenger flow data, thereby improving the operation management efficiency of bus companies, improving the quality of bus services, and improving passenger satisfaction.

M52H, the cost-effective and high extendibility mobile digital video recorder (MDVR), developed especially for vehicle monitoring and remote video surveillance. It adopts high speed processor HI3521D and embedded Linux system, combined with the most advanced technology of H.265 coding/decoding, 3G/4G network, GPS/BD and WIFI. It supports 1080p,720p, D1 resolution video recording, vehicle driving record and video remote uploading. With the central software can do central remote monitoring based on alarm linkage, vehicle intelligent dispatch management and playback analysis based on central database. This device is competitive in anti-vibration, more rich functions, high reliability, concise appearance and simple to deploy.

Over the years, with professional and high-quality product implementation and efficient and reliable brand service, JHY’s series of intelligent operation solutions for the vehicle has enjoyed a good reputation in the domestic and global industry market, and the market sales share has been among the top. In China, JHY technology has successively served Dalian YIHUALU, Zhengzhou TIANMAI technology, Jiangsu SUKECHANGLIAN, Huizhou public transport group, Guangzhou YUEYUN group, Shenzhen west public transport, Macao passenger transport and tourism vehicle, Yangzhou ASIASTAR, Zhengzhou Yu traffic field, Xiamen JINLONG, Suzhou JINLONG, Dongguan HONGYUAN, and other overseas customers.

As a well-known brand in the industry, JHY technology has also made pioneering exploration in the field of functional technology innovation. It has successively developed IPAs report server software, passenger flow statistics management platform system software, embedded structured light passenger flow statistics software, embedded face recognition software, embedded binocular passenger flow analysis system, binocular passenger flow analysis system and binocular passenger flow statistics server software, binocular stereo vision calibration software, intelligent video analysis system software, a passenger flow device based on external red binocular camera distance measurement, jhyk3d binocular camera control chip, JHY passenger flow statistical instrument control chip, and apply to pass the examination of Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Industry Association and carry out interactive cooperation with emerging technology enterprises and professional universities to continuously improve their own technology.