As an important part of daily travel, the seats inside buses are considered to be the most commonly touched objects. Unlike the comfort-seeking sedan, the passenger seats of buses are designed with safety in mind. Due to frequent use, high turnover ratio and high workload of seats, designers have given top priority to sturdiness and durability. Moreover, due to a large passenger flow and plot ratio, hard materials with sharp edges cannot be used on the bus to prevent passengers from crushing, bruising and scratching. In view of limited space, it is not allowed to design the seat in a shape that takes up too much space. The last task is to meet safety standards without compromising comfort.

The LC-GJ08 series bus seat is a perfect combination of functionality, comfort and aesthetics. It is made of high-strength fiber-reinforced nylon. The inner support without steel frame creates natural flowing lines. The durable and easy-to-clean armrests are die-cast with new lightweight ABS plastic and high-quality aluminum alloy.

The LC-GJ08 series bus seat complies with all key standards, including the Standard for Plastic Seats in City Buses (QC/T 1047-2016) and the requirements for seats, parts, safety and usability. The test results indicate that it also meets the performance and use requirements for bus seats in terms of temperature resistance, safety of textile fabric and durability of backrest.

In addition, it is critical to have a comfortable and safe ride on the road. The sponge car seats of Leadcom are carefully designed to maintain their function and appearance in a challenging environment. Even on the longest journey, passengers will be seated in unparalleled comfort.

The LC-CK09 series sponge car seats feature a contoured cushion and an ergonomic backrest. The bionic backrest is designed to disperse the pressure on the spine for a tighter fit that offers better lumbar support and comfort. The headrest is also specially treated to provide a genuinely comfortable ride along with adequate protection.

In addition, the foam of backrest and cushion is made of polyurethane by high-resilience cold foaming technology, which brings softness and comfort. The pedals are usually made of aluminum alloy by gravity die casting and treated by anodic oxidation. Optional carbon steel pedals are available upon request. To meet different needs, the seat cover is also available in computerized jacquard fabric, PVC leather and leather.

Leadcom Seating selects eco-friendly raw materials from the source to ensure the quality of products. We have acquired numerous certifications (e.g. TS16949, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, GB/T 28001-2011, and CTA quality verification) and complies with a range of international safety standards (e.g. ECE and 3C). We are able to provide a safe and comfortable ride for passengers.