CAMC Mining Truck

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Type Truck
Subtype Heavy Truck
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Brand CAMC
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1.dump truck off road urban using

This type is domestic rare forward development heavy truck platform and another successful self-surpassing domestic heavy truck product. The main target markets are overseas and domestic high-end markets. The products technology is based on the European heavy-duty truck platform and meets the technical standards of developed countries in Europe and America, It has achieved comprehensive technology upgrades in terms of power, safety, comfort and control. The three core assemblies such as engine, transmission and axle are developed independently .The engine has a unique intelligent fuel economy management system and international advanced in-cylinder braking technology; the cab highlights ,the dynamic and powerful European style with small wind resistance coefficient; luxury interior has human nature design ;intelligent electrical system can also enable a number of statistical functions and value-added services; overall vehicle matching is professional and scientific.

2.Mining Truck

Relying on the strong technical foundations and complete automobile manufacturing experience of CAMC. Our dumper is the high-end off-highway dumper with international advanced technology created by CAMC. Adopting the advanced finite element analysis method and optimizing the vehicle design to deal with seriously harsh working conditions. CAMC has adopted international Joint R&D model and many international& domestic top R&D institutions and manufacturing companies are involved. CAMC dumpers features comfortable cabin, high-grade configuration, high reliability and high bearing ability. Currently, CAMC has formed two advanced platforms: diesel engine (HN3600 Series) and natural gas engine (HN3601 Series). Based on these two platforms, CAMC has developed a series of products to adapt to different kinds of working conditions.

3.dumper trucks

Wheelbase 3200+1350, 3300+1350, 3550+1450, 3600+1350, 3900+1350, 4100+1350, 4400+1350, 1850+4000+1350, 1850+4605+1350, 1850+5400+1350
Engine CM6D18.385 31, CM6D18.345 30, CM6D28.460 50, CM6D28.420 31, CM6D28.410 30, CM6T28.410 50, CM6D18.375 50
Transmission 9SDB2051A, 9JSD180T, 12JSD180T, 12SDB1900T, 12JSDX220T-B, 12JSD180T, 12SDB1900T, 16SDB2500, 16SDC2051A, 9SDB2050, ZF16S2235TO
Front axle stub axle with double T-cross section, capacity 7500kg
Rear axle HL300A(Benz tech), hub reduction, capacity 2x16000kg
Tire 12.00R20(18PR), 12R22.5(18PR), 12.00R24, 12.00R24, 11R22.5(18PR), 11.00R20(18PR), 13R22.5,315/80R22.5, 295/80R22.5
Frame 310(8+8mm), 310(8+10mm), 310(10mm)
Fuel 400L, 300L, 360L