CHTC Three-in-one controller

Car Details
Type Spare Parts
Brand CHTC
Stock id 23280
Model: Three-in-one controller
Seller Note
Product model KTZ235X42SHT120A
Rated input voltage (VDC) 350
Voltage input range (VDC) 250~425
Rated capacity (kVA) 80
Peak capacity (kVA) 185
Peak current (Arms) 420
Continuous current (Arms) 160
Overall dimension (mm) 460*353*175
Weight (kg) 22
Carrier frequency (kHz) 8
DCAC 27A(5.5KW)
Electric heating (PTC) 32A(5KW)
Low voltage power supply range (VDC) 9~32
Cooling mode Liquid cooling
Protection level IP67
Maximum efficiency ≥97%
Working environment temperature (℃) ≤65
Inlet water temperature (℃) ≤65
Motor temperature sensor It can match PT100 | PT1000 | kty81 | NTC, etc
Communication standards Meet CAN2.0B
Basic function Speed and torque control, energy recovery, anti slide slope, creeping, can burning and key wake-up