CHTC Vehicle controller (VCU)

Car Details
Type Spare Parts
Brand CHTC
Stock id 23288
Model: Vehicle controller (VCU)
Seller Note

Product features:

  1. The self-developed control strategy can effectively reduce the vehicle power consumption by 3% – 10%
  2. High performance vehicle specification level processor, meet the automotive standards. Through the European standard EMARK certification test
  3. The vehicle controller can manage and monitor the running process of electric vehicle, which has high safety and reliability
  4. The OBD interface can be used for maintenance and update to support UDS diagnosis function
  5. VCU achieves IP67 protection grade, and meets the severe environmental requirements.

Technical parameter:

Vehicle controller model Dimensions Installation dimensions Weight
V2.0 210.5*152*14.0m **mm 600g
V3.0 210.5*152*14.0m **mm 600g


Vehicle controller model Working voltage Average power consumption Protection level
V2.0 12V ≤15W IP67
V3.0 12V/24V ≤15W IP67