CHTC Remote monitoring terminal (T-box)

Car Details
Type Spare Parts
Brand CHTC
Stock id 23294
Model: Remote monitoring terminal (T-box)
Seller Note

Product features:

  1. 7-mode all networks 4G module is adopted to ensure stable and reliable communication
  2. High performance automotive level processor, BD/GPS dual frequency positioning module, to achieve accurate positioning
  3. OTA can be upgraded to reduce maintenance costs
  4. RTC time wake-up to ensure all-weather data monitoring
  5. Multi platform data transmission to meet the personalized needs of customers
  6. The only T-box with IP65 protection grade on the market meets the strict environmental requirements

Technical parameter:

Terminal model Dimensions Installation dimensions Weight
V4.3 125*148*57mm 125*148*57mm 350g


Terminal model Working voltage Average power consumption Protection level
V4.3 12V/24V ≤2.5W IP65