TATRA chassis 4X4 off-road car


TATRA chassis 4X4 off-road car

Car Details
Type Truck
Condition New
Steering Any
Drive Mode 4x4
Engine Fuel Diesel
Emission Standard Euro IV
Seats Number 2-6
Vehicle Length(mm) 5995
Vehicle Width(mm) 2550
Vehicle Height(mm) 3500
Stock id 25845
Seller Note
Information Detailed description


 Vehicle name  TATRA chassis 4*4 off-road car


Dimensions  5995*2550*3500
Wheelbase (mm)  3700
Total mass (Kg)  13490
Curb weight (Kg)  8500-10000
Quasi traction quality (Kg) 28420
Number of members (people)  2—6人
Minimum ground clearance (mm)


Tire specifications  385/65R22.5
engine model


Engine configuration  Fuel filter with heating function

oil-water separator with heating Preheating cold start system

Cruise control system


Displacement (L)



Maximum net power (Ps/rpm)


Maximum torque (N.m/rpm)

Fuel type  diesel

Fuel tank capacity (L)

400-1100L dual chamber with heating or dual fuel tanks of the same volume
Emission Standards Euro VI
Maximum speed (km/h) 120KM/H (electronic speed limit 100KM/H)


drive form Front full-time four-wheel drive




Differential lock between wheels*2

Differential lock between shafts

Front torsion bar/airbag independent suspension + German imported shock absorption


transmission  AT Allison AT 
transfer case 1.46 speed ratio single gear


Braking and stability system TATRA air dual circuit front and rear drum wedge brake


Electrical System



Electric and air horn

steering system  

Hydraulic boost

Multifunctional steering wheel with adjustable aerodynamic height and inclination


Driving room Intelligent fault diagnosis, maintenance tips

Ultra-high-strength lightweight cab (which can meet the requirements of the National Emergency Rescue Department for field rescue of falling rocks)

Automatic temperature heating and cooling air conditioner, R134A refrigerant, freon-free

Full LCD smart meter

Visual reversing image

Multimedia interface

Electric heated rearview mirrors and wide-angle mirrors on the left and right sides




Bulletproof alloy steel bumper

Towing hook before and after


details of the top  
Lightweight box with plate truss structure  Standard configuration of protective coating integrated ultra-high-strength lightweight cabinet (which can meet the requirements of the National Emergency Rescue Department for field rescue of rockfall impact)100mm sound insulation box wallElectric retractable wind resistant tent roof 
Power supply and intelligent system  Smart energy safety management system, power frequency 5KW charging and inverter integrated machine + high frequency 3KW dual source management

Lithium iron phosphate battery pack: 22

Battery isolator, undervoltage/overvoltage protection

Remote energy consumption monitoring (cloud platform), WIFI

24V, 48V, 220V and USB power sockets

Circuit arc prevention device

220v external charging port

Charging pile fast charging interface


Heating, cooling and ventilation system  Diesel boiler three-dimensional heating system (extreme cold package design temperature -50℃)

Independent oil circuit, circuit antifreeze, defrost circuit

Air conditioning system: 6KW refrigeration (DC48/320)

Manual ventilation fan

2 solar air circulation fans

Window with anti-mosquito and sun shade


Water source system


520 liters clean water tank / 190 liters gray water tank / 110 liters black water tank (black water tank electric smashing sewage, gray water tank washing black water tank) Silent clean water pump Water filtration system, precipitation/UV/activated carbon External water injection/outlet connection, with pressure and flow control
Internal facilities  U-shaped sofa, suitable for 4-6 people (leather fabric, 1.5*2.3M)

Independent high-distribution air suspension seats (4 sets, leather fabric, with ventilation, heating, massage, adjustable damping, waist and shoulder airbag support, etc.)

Graphene interior

Electric lifting bed*2 (1500mmx2200/2000*2200mm)

Central storage closet

Expandable outdoor kitchen outside the car

Microwave oven

Coffee machine

Induction cooker

260L refrigerator, 130L freezing, 130L cold storage

Metal + protective coating smart toilet (smart + high deodorant)

Integrated shower

7.1 channel audio system

Wall-mounted drum washing machine



Security system


Fire alarm, 2 lithium ion battery smoke detectors, fire extinguisher



Non-lethal self-defense system  Automatic beast drive away



Titanium top 

Super high-strength steel titanium alloy top 
Bulletproof top   

Super high-strength bullet-proof top + whole car bulletproof glass


Automatic + manual roofing terrace


Terrace + fence 
Automatic + manual overall expansion



Expand 1500-3000mm after overall


Bulletproof tire (single)


Hard-supported bullet-proof tires, 30KM/H driving 100KM without tire pressure 
Explosion-proof fuel tank  Anti-armor piercing incendiary bomb blasting fuel tank 
Central control instrument   

Intelligent technology cockpit control


Smart circuit fire safety management system  Circuit shielding safety + battery launch mechanism

High pressure nitrogen shock absorption


Two-way damping 
Auxiliary brake  Engine in-cylinder brake 
Vehicle-level power management system



Smart DC350-560V power control system


Roof searchlight  6+8LED searchlight on the top of the cab


ADAS assisted driving system


EBS, blind spot monitoring, passability monitoring, lane departure, fatigue driving, active braking, ACC adaptive follow-up driving 
 Car radio system


Car radio/satellite phone in the cab


Water purification system  Purification of natural water to domestic water level 
Central inflation and deflation system


TATRA dedicated central charging and discharging system


6-point suspension secondary suspension


4+2 suspension + two-way damping high pressure nitrogen shock absorption, titanium alloy top is required


8 point suspension secondary suspension


4+4 suspension + two-way damping high pressure nitrogen shock absorption, bulletproof top is required


No open flame diesel oil


High-power Chinese food without open flame diesel stew


Motorcycle rear electric lifting frame 


Backup electric remote control lift, put motorcycle and spare tire 
Water source regeneration system


rainwater collecting



Vehicle-level smart power system


85 kWh


Extra Arctic Cold Pack


Antifreeze system, outdoor rubber protection, window lock heating, energy storage device


Energy-efficient air conditioning


Air-cooled water-cooled integrated machine


Military night vision and military burning


8+1 day and night surveillance cameras, 720 surround car body surveillance records


Escape device  Hydraulic telescopic escape device + steel back nail escape board







  Water-cooled diesel vehicle generator set 5/8/10/20kw 
Inflatable side tent  Outside kitchen cooking on rainy days


Miele WTF130 washing and drying integrated drum washing machine


Laundry 7kg+4kg dry clothes 
Military plateau oxygen generator


Military grade 
Blind driving system Electronic rearview mirror
Civil night vision and burning system


8+1 day and night surveillance cameras, 720 surround car body surveillance records 
防AIImpact soft  Standard anti-impact soft outfit for armored vehicles


Fresh air system


Car fresh air


Toilet bathroom Vacuum toilet

Water heating system

All copper floor heating


Electric floor heating system Graphene heating


Arctic three-dimensional heating cabin system Extremely cold three-dimensional heating (including floor heating)


G80F32CN2P-QB(SO)FR00 Microcomputer type light wave plum stove steaming oven


Power window protection


Electric roller shutter protection


solar panel