School Bus Stop Sign

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School Bus Stop Sign


Chinese National StandardGB244072012

Test StandardEMC,E-mark;FCC,CNAS

Invention patent number ZL 2012 1 0190571.7

  1. Specification: TZB-03D

★ Operating voltage   12VDC;24VDC

★ Operating current:  <1A(12V)or0.5A(24V)

★ Standby current: <80mA

★Rotation angle:   90°±5°

★ Clutch torque:  end torque 50N.m

★ Waterproof grade   IP65

★ Anti-reflection film:Grade II film as per GB/T 18833

★ Weight:  <6KG

★ Operating temperature   -25℃~75℃

★ Storage temperature    -40℃~105℃

★ Dimension   40mm×89mm×100mm

★ Sign diameter:   circumscribed circle  450mm,500mm

★ Language custom:  English,Saudi Arabia,Korean,Japanese,etc

  1. Operation Instructions

   After the school bus starts off, press the stop sign control switch to open the stop sign. After the stop sign is activated, it rotates by 90 degrees clockwise and four LED lights on the stop sign are turned on.

Press again the stop sign control switch to retract the stop sign counterclockwise.When the stop sign is retracted to zero degree (in parallel with the school bus), all 4 LED lights on the sign go out.

whatever state the stop sign may be in, when the stop sign is artificially pulled or pushed after the bus is ignited on, the stop sign will be resumed to the state defined by the control switch.  When the stop sign is blocked by external force during rotation, the rotation will stop after 25 seconds

When the school bus reaches 5KM/H, the stop sign, if unretracted as the school bus starts off, will be retracted automatically, in order to protect the stop sign from scratching or impacting into other objects and to reduce traffic accidents.